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Enterprise B2B SaaS Mentorship for Leaders with a Focus on Go-To-Market



$5k per month

1 month rolling


  • Getting the most out of your investors/board
  • Optimal exec team management
  • Hiring & managing a CRO, CMO and/or VP of Sales
  • Building optimal GTM cultures
  • Managing workforce actions
  • Negotiating terms of an exit (trade sale/PE)
  • Transitioning out as CEO


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$3k per month

1 month rolling


  • Optimising Founder/CEO relationships
  • Optimising your presence in front of investors
  • Optimising cross-dept collaboration
  • Building out your GTM org
  • Understanding SaaS metrics
  • Setting ambitious but realistic targets
  • Building comp plans
  • Negotiating compensation
  • Career advice & support 


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Adam Jay

Chief Revenue Officer
"Every CRO needs a calming influence by their side who has seen their movie before. Wayne's well-grounded strategic and tactical insights make him a critical part of my long-term success"

Serge Stockert

"Working with Wayne has saved our company months of expensive trial and error by quickly aligning the executive team on the optimal growth path and guiding us how to execute each stage of the sales cycle optimally." 

Katy Close

Head of Sales


"Wayne coached me on how to build a 0-1 go-to-market motion which led to fast pipeline build and a 7-figure deal closed from cold within 8 months. Wayne is an amazing mentor and I treasure the time I get to work alongside him."

Jim Gresham

Director of Sales


"Wayne's coaching is backed with years of successful career progression and tenured experience. He challenged me to better myself and my team. I owe my own sales leadership acumen to his guidance, direction, and, most importantly, his personal mentorship."

Stewart Price



"I now count Wayne as a friend, as well as a leader and a mentor, and I have absolutely no doubt that my career (and those of my colleagues) would not have been as successful, or rewarding, without his guidance." 

Jacob Wittenberg

VP Customer Engagement
"Wayne has an innate ability to simultaneously challenge you intensely, while making you feel supported throughout the process. My biggest career advancements ever have come under Wayne's tutelage."


How It Works


1. Check out my background, writing and testimonials to make sure we look like a good fit, on paper.

2. Share some basic details on your situation (see link below)

3. We endeavour to determine whether we're a good fit within 48 hours.

(if you're not a fit OR we are full, we'll let you know too)

4. If we are a fit on paper, we send you a link to schedule a 20-minute get-to-know-each-other call.

5. If we agree we'll make a good team, pay your first month & we're rolling.

(if we're not a fit we'll share our call recording, and any relevant documents we discussed)



What You Get


1. 2x 45min 1:1 Zoom calls per month

2. Access to my network of founders, VCs & sales leaders

3. Async access via WhatsApp (or Signal or Telegram)/Email

4. Access to templates and frameworks relevant to your stage of growth




What It Costs



- Founders/CEOs: $5k per month

- CROs/VPs of Sales: $3k per month

Term: 1-month rolling contract (cancel anytime, 30 days notice) 

Why the price difference?: Value exchange is measurably greater for Founders/CEOs


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