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Your Bespoke Playbook for De-Risking Fast Growth



The Scale Audit


Most startups don't know how to break down and impartially evaluate where they are on their growth curve.

Even fewer know how to predictably, aggressively and sustainably evolve along the growth curve.

My proprietary Scale Audit demystifies all of this for founders, and simultaneously does the following:


1) Accurately assesses your unique GTM debt


2) Prioritises a set of unique recommendations to pay down that debt


3) Details actions that are unique to your startup that are required to successfully exit each stage of growth and de-risk your startup


Are you ready to de-risk your growth?


Inquire About The Scale Audit


Tom Logan

CEO - Cohley

"Wayne brought a ton of real-world expertise in his deep and thorough examination of our sales process. I would recommend him in a second."

Michael Ellison


"Wayne's real-world GTM experience makes him a great partner to an early-stage CEO, helping them navigate their growth trajectory."

Cian McLoughlin

CEO - Trinity Digital

"Wayne figured out what we needed to prioritise to grow fast, set us on a course, and connected us with world-class VCs in the process."

How It Works

Discover, Align, then Execute




[Getting to know each other]

1. Meet the qualification criteria (scroll down to "Inquire About The Scale Audit" link below).

2. Are you and I a fit?: A 30-minute discussion to determine you that and I jive (we may need a follow-up).

3. Are WE a fit? Meet key people on team to determine if we jive as a team.

4. You and I agree on scope and sign contracts.


Timeline: 1-2 weeks

Investment: Free (1-2 hours of our time)




[The Scale Audit]

1. Using my proprietary EMPAP framework, I conduct deep research into your business via interviews with your team, data & document analysis and client interactions.

2. I document those findings in a shared document.

3. I present the recommendations to you (and your team), in a 2-hour interactive session.

4. We align on the priorities for the Fractional CRO phase.


Timeline: 4-8 weeks

Investment: $40k




[Fractional CRO]

1. We systematically look to exit each stage of startup growth successfully.

2. We use the recommendations and guidance in the Scale Audit to determine the optimal path.

3. The first key phase is product-market fit.

4. A key milestone that follows that is evolving from founder-led sales successfully.

5. From there we establish go-to-market fit, and see revenue grow predictably.

6. And then we're onto the holy grail of SCALE!


Timeline: 6 months+


- Cash: $25k+ per month

- Equity: 0.25% (no cliff, 6 month vest, 10 yr PTE window)


Inquire About The Scale Audit