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Fractional CRO Engagements Support the Execution of the Findings of the Scale Audit


Fractional CRO Engagements


The Goal


1. $$$: To make the recommendations from the Scale Audit turn into sustainable ARR growth, by successfully exiting each growth milestone (detailed above).

YES, to be crystal clear, we expect to see revenue impact & the quicker the better


2. Sustainability: However, the revenue impact needs to be sustainable and repeatable.

NO, to be crystal clear, it's not a success to us if we add $5M in ARR, at a cost of $25M.



How do we do it?



1. Firstly, "we" (you, your team and us) do "it" (everything recommended in the Scale Audit) together. We are a team. You lead, but we are your guide, and we are also in the weeds with you when it makes sense. (which is oftentimes, a lot!)


2. We follow the guidance of the Scale Audit 


3. But we maintain a fleet of foot that allows us to be opportunistic and veer off script where the opportunity arises and is aligned with the mission.


4. We architect and utilise tooling across the GTM & wider org that instruments transparency and a common language across the company, and supports your ability to scale efficiently and predictably.


5. We maintain a myopic focus on $ARR growth


YES, this does require calls with customers, & being active in the executive leadership meetings, for example.

NO, it doesn't mean we have to lead these meetings. You lead, we (proactively) guide.



What It Costs


Scale Audit Cost: $40k fixed fee


Fractional CRO Cost: $25k+ per month

Equity: 0.25%, no cliff, 6-month vesting cycle, 10-year PTE window.

Term: 6 months 

Inquire About The Scale Audit

Fractional/CRO Testimonials


Dana Lewin-Robinson

CEO - Upfront

"Wayne came in at a critical stage of our company's growth journey and proactively set us on the most valuable path, with clear practical and actionable guidance."

Chris Hart

CEO - Civic

"Wayne brings deep expertise to the go-to-market process, and acts as an incredible partner to any CEO or sales leader looking to create focus around a GTM direction."

Dave Vasen

CEO - Brightwheel

"Wayne was instrumental in building the foundation of brightwheel's enterprise sales division. He approaches his work not as an external consultant, but as a true member of the team."


Discover, Align, Execute



Just because it's fractional...

Does not mean we just start executing...

First, we discover...

...Then we align

THEN we execute




[Getting to know each other]

1. Meet the qualification criteria (fill out website form)

2. Are you and I a fit? A 30-minute discussion to determine you and I jive (we may need a follow-up)

3. Are WE a fit? Meet key people on team to determine if we jive as a team

4. You and I agree on scope and sign contracts.

Timeline: 1-2 weeks

Investment: Free (1-2 hours of our time)




[The Scale Audit]

1. Using my proprietary EMPAP framework, I conduct deep research into your business via interviews with your team, data & document analysis and client interactions

2. I document those findings in a shared document

3. I present the recommendations to you (and your team)

4. We align on the priorities for the Fractional CRO phase 

Timeline: 4-8 weeks

Investment: $40k




[Fractional CRO]

1. We systematically look to exit each stage of startup growth successfully.

2. We use the recommendations and guidance in the Scale Audit to determine the optimal path

3. The first key phase is product-market fit.

4. A key milestone that follows that is evolving from founder-led sales successfully

5. From there we establish go-to-market fit, and see revenue grow predictably

6. And then we're onto the holy grail of SCALE!

Timeline: 6 months+

Investment: $25k+ per month

Equity: 0.25% (no cliff, 6 month vest, 10 yr PTE window) 


Inquire About The Scale Audit